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See you at Tech-Ed Europe!

The guys at Tech-Ed Europe are very impressive when it comes to managing the show.
As early as now they have a speaker site up with a complete speaker application online that helps manage the massive amounts of data required to organize and run the show while herding all us cats together.
The news for me is that I'll be joining the Tech-Ed Europe conference this year we well. Last year was a blast and marked my first ever international Microsoft Conference. I had one Breakout session about Regular Expressions
and 2 "Chalk-Talks" about Unit Testing Best Practices.
This year it's going to be wild - For the first time ever for me I'll be doing a full Pre-Conference Day (4 sessions) about Agile Development with Team System.  It's exciting because I've been doing a lot with Team System lately and not only on a technical level, but also trying to come to grips with how one can manage a team in an agile fashion using Team System. How does MSF-Agile Fit into this? how does Scrum For Team System help? How does continuous Integration work with Team System? and Test Driven Development?
Not only am I doing a Pre-Conference, I'll be doing at least a couple of breakout sessions (the topics are not yet set - I submitted more than a dozen topics..) with a maximum of four. I really am looking forward to this for several reasons:
  • A chance to meet people who read my blog and use my tools
  • Barcelona!
  • Most grueling event ever for me
  • A chance to see lots of people that I just correspond with
I'd love to see you there if you're attending/speaking!

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