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Regulazy 1.01 is available for download

There’s a new version out for The Regulazy, which you can grab here.
Update: 30 minutes after the last update, I uploaded a newer version (1.011) which fixes a crash with some HTML Partsing inputs. You can simply re-download the file, and it will contain the newer version.
If you don’t know what the regulazy is:
Regulazy is a visual Regex Creation tool for beginners. Easy point and click user interfaces, predictive technology and much more!
Short Regulazy Sample
What’s New?
There are several bug fixes in this iteration, but the biggest addition to the program is the ability to add your own rules to Regulazy. In the program directory you’ll find *.rules files. You can edit them or add your own .rules files with specific names such as “date.rules” or whatever you like. Regulazy reads all rule files in its directory and shows them dynamically when they apply to the selected text in the work pane.
You can find out how to create your own rules (which is very simple - a line of text for each rule) in “How to edit rules.txt” file located in the program directory.
Also, if you feel that you have rules that should be installed “by default” with the program (appear in default.rules) you can simply send them by email through the program help menu, or submit them to as feature requests.
This is still beta and there are still various small bugs out there, but I want to get the major stuff out of the way before I get into more of the  “dirty work”.

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Reader Comments (2)

The download link seems to be offline. It takes me to a squarspace site that requires credentials.

July 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAaron

you can grab the version here

July 1, 2011 | Registered CommenterRoy Osherove

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