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When they tell me I have to use MSBuild to automate our CI Process

When they tell me I have to use MSBuild to automate our CI Process





When I see a terminal keyboard junkie doing their thing





When we are starting a brand new green field project




When they approve the budget for FinalBuilder so we don’t have to use MSBuild




When they approve the resharper licenses





When my build crashes but is overshadowed by a separate project build’s crash




when I can’t figure out how to test something




when I pair with someone in a programming language I have almost no experience with





when someone comes back after a two day scrum master class






the first time you try to automatically deploy to a staging server





When my family in Israel complains about the cold weather, while I am living in Norway





when I arrive at a project that started 5 years ago





When I look at a piece of code I want to refactor





When they tell me there have been new enhancements to

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