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Video: (part 7 - The bug that wouldn't die) Go Game Engine with TDD and Pair Programming

In our continuing series of TDD pairing videos, Raymond and I meet again to continue where we left off.

Where we left off was not a good place - we had bugs in the logic of our test code that we hunted down in the last episode, but to our dismay, some tests keep failing in this episode as well! We figure out that I didn’t use git correctly and didn’t commit the fix right, so that’s 30 minutes lots right there, hunting down stuff. 

Feeling stupider and stupider, we finally pull ourselves out of the hole we have created and are actually able to adding a loody feature to the code. Who said TDD makes it all better? It’s not better, but it’s more possible.


The naming conventions continue to help us figure out what goes wrong, and we trudge along adding sub features to the detection of surrounded multiple cells.


This video is split up in two because Camtasia on windows crapped out on us in the middle of recording. 

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