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Code as Music - Test Environments

Music Production also has some corollaries with coding in terms of testing.

When producing music, it is important that the music sounds good on multiple types of speakers: in your car, in your iphone headphones, on a boom box by the pool,  in a club speaker system etc.

In that regard priducing the music locally on yoru own speakers is much like “works on my machine”.

Producers will usually take the music and test it out manually in various systems, or have multiple sets of monitors, but still test the music in their car, on friend’s systems and more.

There are also “emulators” for sound. There are some software solutions that emulate how your music will sound through different speakers, in different locations , in different file formats (mp3 has less data than a .wav file, wav file, for example.

Nothing beats real work integration testing though. Much like code.

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