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This site aims to connect all the dots of my online activities - from tools, books blogs and twitter accounts, to upcoming conferences, engagements and user group talks.

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  • Software Leadership (4 entries)

    • In this talk we cover daily meetings, automated builds, big visible kanban boards, source control andcontrol of team territory.
    • We’ll cover techniques for coaching and driving the individual people in your development team to be the best they can be, to leave their comfort zones, and to be more assertive ...
    • We’ll cover some of the things successful teams do to be better, and what team leads can do to make the team better. from automated builds to driving people better, to ...
    • How comfortable do you feel at your job, or in your life, right now? When was the last time you felt uncomfortable? When was the last great ...
  • Unit Testing and TDD Talks (7 entries)

    • In this talk (which can be anywhere from one hour to a full day), I review many hidden gotchas and issues that can creep into your unit tests. This is a ...
    • In this talk I provide lots of info to managers about what unit testing is like in the real world. What can they expect form project schedules? How can quality change? ...
    • In this talk we cover Typemock Isolator, a commercial and powerful Unit Testing tool and isolation framework. We cover it’s basic APIs and cover advanced usages such as future object ...
    • In this talk we take a loot at unit testing patterns in SIlverlight, and a look at two frameworks for writing tests in silverlight: the MS Silverlight Test Framework and SilverUnit. ...
    • In this talk we take a look at the basic aspects of Test Driven Development - the three basic steps. We also find out why they make sense and what are ...
    • In this talk we cover what are mocks, stubs and fakes, and take a look at various isolation frameworks such as Typemock Isolator, Rhino Mocks and Moq.
    • In this talk I provide concrete guidance on how to select what code you’d like to start testing, and approaches of refactoring vs. using tools that avoid design for testability. I ...
  • .NET (3 entries)

    • Dive deep into .NET reflection from .NET 2.0 to 3.5 and beyond. This hardcore talk covers code generation, optimization techniques, debugging generated code and more.
    • As the author of The Regulator, Roy introduces Regular Expressions to .NET Developers. It’s a wonderful tool that is quote easy to grasp once you get the hang of.
    • In this talk we’ll cover advanced uses of Regular Expressions, including Grouping, Site Scripting and text Replacement.
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