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This site aims to connect all the dots of my online activities - from tools, books blogs and twitter accounts, to upcoming conferences, engagements and user group talks.

If you have found value in attending one of my classes or talks, I’d love it if you declared this to the world at the bottom of this page.Other potential clients are always interested to hear what other people who have already been to my classes feel about the experience, so you’d be helping them make up their mind about hiring me or not”.

“The right understanding of any matter and a misunderstanding of the same matter do not wholly exclude each other”, Kafka.
Roy has taught how TDD helps addressing this classic software issue. Which means how TDD helps addressing one of the biggest challenges with software development.
Thank you for a great course!

Hans Martin Myhre, Storebrand



“I liked the fact that this course[‘Lead Better’] was aimed specifically at development team leads, and it exceeded my expectations. The course really does several related things: demonstrate how to put some processes in place to help improve the overall performance of a team and create an environment where more learning and growth can occur; provide some insights into personality types; and teach open communication skills which then help maximise team and personal growth. Any one of those things alone is useful but the combination is very powerful.

Over the 2 days I learnt a lot, not least about my own communication methods and I found Roy very inspirational - he led by example and created an atmosphere of positive constructive feedback which made the course extremely productive and enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend this course for both new and established team leaders who are genuinely interested in improving themselves and their teams..

Chris Cracknell, SimCorp


“If you ever have one week to spend on a course (and you should), I truly recommend Roy’s TDD Master Class. He is a great tutor and a super inspiration to to things correctly.

Petter Sørby, Bouvet

“ I had the pleasure of participating in Roy’s TDD Masterclass. It was obvious that Roy is a very skilled speaker, teacher and developer - he manages to bring over the (dis)advantages of TDD as well as it’s practical application in real-life development. Even though he works for a specific isolation framework developer, he does not turn this class into a sales event. Instead he presents a variety of mostly free alternative tools. The focus is not only on unit testing itself, but also on general code readability, some management topics and just pragmatic common sense.

I highly recommend this class to everybody who intends to jump into TDD heads first - but is also willing to learn a lot and even keep learning after the course.

To sum it up: I came out of this couse feeling like a better developer - that alone was worth it.”

 Raphael Estrada, AutoScout24 GmbH, Munich


“Teaching the TDD Master class, Roy stands out with his genuine interest in making you a better developer. He is goal-oriented and makes a great effort in teaching you how to improve. His attitude to always get better truely motivates me.”

Helge Nymoen, Senior System Developer, Lindorff


“I took Roy’s TDD Masterclass in February 2010, and over the past three months I have consistently been able to solve the kind of unit test problems that had me give up on TDD in the past.”

Dirk Rombauts, Architect, TechTalk Software Support


“Roy is an inspirational instructor and challenges you to become a better developer. He makes the course challenging and does not use typical “HelloWorld” examples but instead real world examples. I learned stuff I did not expect to learn on this course, in addition to learning about TDD.

I have always been a super fast mouse addict. But he indeed force me to at least try the other side… no mouse. And I have to admit… it is faster. It takes time to learn all the shortcuts, and I wish they where more intuitive, but I guess that is a newbie talking. I will continue using the shortcuts I’ve learned.

I also liked that I got to work with different students each day. It is very interesting to see how each developer has their own unique way of coding and working with visual studio and other tools.  I learned some tricks from other students as well.

I especially enjoyed the amount of time “hands on”. The balance of theory and hands-on-labs was just perfect.”

Lisa-Marie Thompson


 “Having attended Roy’s TDD Master Class I can say that my knowledge has been enhanced, the core values have been reaffirmed and I am now in a much better place with regards my own capability, but more importantly my own ability to help others.

So the question is should you attend Roy’s TDD Master Class?

If you want to really Master the Art of Test Driven Development then definitely.

See for the full review: ”

Andrew Woodward, 21 Apps


“If someone had told me 2 weeks ago, that if I ditched the mouse and started to approach everything in a simplistic manner, not only would I write code faster but
It would have less bugs and be easier to maintain,  I would have thought you were mad.    But thanks to Roy I have now had a complete shift in the way I approach software
development,  my working environment and the code that I write

To anyone who has not experience the true effectiveness of TDD as a design methodology should take this course. Roy not only provides a great introduction
to TDD but manages to make you a much more productive programmer to boot.     He teaches you to keep  it simple,  and to not let the future requirements cloud
your code or mind. On top of all the great TDD goodness you will learn ,  he also shows you how to use you current tool set to become even more productive.

If you want to become a much more productive programmer that writes safer more maintainable code with less bugs then you owe it to yourself to take
this course.  It would be criminal not to !”

Jonathan Adams


“I had the privilege of attending Mr Osheroves class just a few weeks ago in Oslo.

As an instructor Roy is highly competent. As a programmer, even more so.

Not only does the class benefit from the knowledge that derives from his experience, thorough comprehension of the topic and his efforts researching what is now the leading book within TDD in .NET, but also from Roys glowing enthusiasm for his craftmanship as well as the profound competence in his field which puts him as a prime speaker on the subject in the major international events.

Leveraging a flexible schedule, he allows both seasoned developers and TDD rookies to benefit from his wide range of excercises, workshops, mind games and positive attitude.

A significant and beneficial learning experience.”

Tormod Steinsholt


I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend the TDD Master class taught by Roy.

As a junior developer I was slightly nervous about joining a class of experienced developers. I soon discovered that my nerves were unfounded as Roy was able to put me at ease almost instantaneously. Roy has an natural ability to break down a highly technical topic and convey it’s workings in manageable learning segments. I believe he is able to do this through his vast and in-depth knowledge of the subject and his undeniable passion for his work.

This is more than a course, it’s a new look on development. You will come away feeling more enthused and productive than you have ever felt before.”

Sara Stephens

“I went through the 5 day TDD master class in the beginning of September 2008 and i must say that this was some of the most useful 5 days of learning i could ever take.

It gave me the change of mind setting that I needed to go from a random unit tests here and there to actual getting structured testing done with quality.

Alexander Viken


I have to admit that I left this one day class with some real sense of achievement and felt that I had improve my skills in a number of areas. I am envious of the guys who attended the full weeks training.”
Dominic Green


“I have to admit I was excited but also just a little anxious attending a course given by somebody so highly regarded in the community as Roy but immediately he made us feel at ease by reminding us that sometimes it is good to feel a little uncomfortable, that stretching outside your comfort zone means you are going to learn something.

This was just one of many pearls of wisdom that Roy bestowed on us during the course, and boy did I learn something.

Roy not only takes you through TDD he makes it begin to become a part of you as a developer through a daily exercise called the ‘KATA’ which you are encouraged to continue practising after the course has ended.

Starting with simple unit testing, Roy takes you through breaking dependencies, interaction testing, the mocking frameworks, and testing legacy code.

Roy is an inspirational instructor and challenges you to become a better developer, if you attend this course wanting to learn you will not fail to do so.
Paul Hazells , Gurgle
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