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This site aims to connect all the dots of my online activities - from tools, books blogs and twitter accounts, to upcoming conferences, engagements and user group talks.

Videos by Roy Osherove

This page contains videos that I created that mostly talk about TDD and agile development, shot at various conferences or other locations. Have fun!


Refactoring and Design Skills for Test Driven Development

Last week I presented a keynote and a talk at the London Software Architect conference. Here is the video I recorded from my laptop during my talk about refactoring. I hope you find it useful.


Video: Unit Testing and TDD – Why You Should Care and How to Make It Happen

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in Germany and got the opportunity to speak at the siemens healthcare testing conference. I talked about why we usually fail to introduce new paractices into an organization and explained influence forces and how our own estimates prevent us from doing the things we believe.

Here is the video:


Video: A Second Look At Unit Testing

While at the msswit Conference in Ukraine, I spoke about all the things I had learned since the first version of my art of unit testing book. lots.

You can see the video here.


Video: Beautiful Builds

While at the MSSwit conference in Ukraine, I spoke about Beautiful Builds, and common patterns you can use to make your builds more coherent and maintainable.

You can view the video here.


Video: (part 1) Building a Go Game Engine with TDD and Pair Programming

A few days ago, a guy named Raymond Lim sent me an email with some questions about how to do something with TDD. He has been working on creating a game engine for “Go” game, for practice.

I thought it would make for a fun tdd pairing session, so we short the first part of that today.

Here’s part one, which is just less than 2 hours long, where we setup the environment, and get going with some simple engine rules. you get to see how engaging and and fun it can be to pair, and how important communication is. Also, you get to see a bunch of times where test-first saves our asses.

It’s not perfect, but it’s basically how I’d approach this problem in the real world.

Have fun, and let me know if you’d like to see the rest of the session(s) we haven’t shot yet. Thanks Raymond, for having an open mind, and a willingness to jump into the deep water!

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