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Test Review #3 - Unity



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Hey Roy,
I loved all your test reviews so far and your book was an eye opener as well.
I am currently wrapping my head around the PnP guidance aka PrismWPF. The download would be here:

I was thinking, that you could do a review of their tests.
I briefly looked at them and found magic numbers and multiple Asserts all over the place.

Another interesting review would be the sample application "StockTraderRI" that is included in the guidance.
They created some interesting mocks in there ala Extract and Override.
But again lots of test smells in there as well, including the decision to put the tests for the app into the same folder as the tests for the Composite Application Library.

I would be very interested to watch you have a go at one of these suggestions.

So maybe, whenever you find another night, that won't be dedicated to sleeping ;) ....

Thanks in advance and greetings.


October 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThorten Lorenz

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