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This site aims to connect all the dots of my online activities - from tools, books blogs and twitter accounts, to upcoming conferences, engagements and user group talks.

Videos by Roy Osherove

This page contains videos that I created that mostly talk about TDD and agile development, shot at various conferences or other locations. Have fun!


What You Don't Know You Don't Know (Hebrew)


In this video (which is in Hebrew) I talk to a crowd of young developers in Israel about the reasons for my leaving the .NET world - mostly - the idea of finding out the things you don’t know that you don’t know. How to get out of your comfort zone, and to find a bigger world outside your own bubble.

Most of the devs there are trapped in a Microsoft world, as I was.


Agile Israel - Intro to Agile (Hebrew)

During 2007 I did a talk at teh agile israel user group about introduction to agile development. It’s in hebrew, and there isn’t a lot of hebrew video material on this yet. Also, I didn’t want this to get lost in the sands of time, so I’m putting it up here for future generations..



Video: Elastic Leadership in software - InfoQ interview

Originally posted from my 5Whys blog.

During the recent QCON London 2011 Conference, Michael Hunger of Infoq interviewed me about what I later started describing as “Elastic Leadership” – The team leader changes her leadership style (dictator all the way through to coach) based on the current team stage.

You can see the full video interview here.

I look a bit tired, but I hope my message was clear.


How to do test reviews

Last year I did a talk at Oredev, showing examples of how I go over various pieces of open source projects, and what I look for when I review other people’s unit tests.

The full video is here.


Be a legacy code unit test ninja with Typemock Isolator

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