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This site aims to connect all the dots of my online activities - from tools, books blogs and twitter accounts, to upcoming conferences, engagements and user group talks.

Videos by Roy Osherove

This page contains videos that I created that mostly talk about TDD and agile development, shot at various conferences or other locations. Have fun!


Let's Play TDD with James Shore

During my speaking at Oredev Conference, I got to meet James Shore, author of The Art of Agile book. I’ve known him only through reputation and his book, so when he offered to pair with him for a series of short Let’s Play TDD screencasts, I was excited to join in the fun.

 The Art of Agile Development

It’s been a long while since I’ve done java, and I’m certainly not a mac guy (just getting into Ubuntu, actually), but it turned out to be quite interesting and entertaining. James is a smart guy and his views on how things get to be where they are are at the very least interesting. In fact, after looking more into it, I think he’s got some interesting comments hidden indie these screencasts. be sure to look for hidden gems.

The Episodes

  1. Episode 48 – where James mostly shows me around the current spike he’s done so far, and we being to write the first test.
  2. Episode 49 – where we try to write the first test for the new UI. This is really us finding the “pattern” in which to write the real unit test, and make it somewhat readable. We then somehow fail to make it pass.
  3. Episode 50 – where we try to figure out why our test isn’t really working and make it work, but it’s still an integration style UI test
  4. Episode 51-  where we refactor the test into a somewhat workable unit test (removing UI related parts that are not needed)
  5. Episode 52 – where get the production code working for real.

20 tools and tips that make me a better developer

In this session you will learn about the tools I use every day to speed up my work, to help me think better, to help me plan better and execute faster, to find errors faster, to automate easier and to be better at what I do. Bring a pen and paper - you’ll need them!




Top 20 tools and tips that make me a better developer - Roy Osherove from Øredev on Vimeo.

Recorded 2010-11-12 at Øredev -


Continuous Integration with and without team system 2008

this one was a loong time ago – but still has value. it’s about continous Integration, with and without team system.





Beautiful Teams and Code Leaders - QCON London 2010

Here’s the video of a talk about team leadership and beautiful teams I gave at QCON London this year. You can download the slides for this presentation here.

This talk is mainly about the first stage (out of the three team stages) – where the team lead takes charge of guiding and coaching the team.

note: the original video for this presentation can be found at:



Recommended books part II

all the book links can be found here.

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