Consulting & Training by Roy Osherove

Hi there. My name is Roy Osherove. I‘ve been working in the software industry for over 20 years. I started out as a developer (VB5, yay!), and over the years have gotten to work in multiple different capacities: Team Lead, Architect, Director, CTO and even funded a couple of small startups. These days I still write code in various languages such as C#, Java and Ruby. I work with various platforms such as Web, Mobile, Backend stuff and more. I know my way around Windows, Mac and Linux environments, but I also like teaching and sometimes even Powerpoint and Excel can be useful.

Here are the three main areas I focus on when I do consulting or training:


Enterprise DevOps & Continuous Delivery

I help large organizations plan and implement Enterprise scale DevOps transformations in an environment with Many inter-dependent and related systems and sub systems, software and teams that rely on each other, Monolithic systems and/or static software/hardware environments, Lengthy Approval Gates or change control processes, securityfinancialmedical or other compliance requirements, Lengthy waterfall based processes among multiple teams and stake holders and workflows that are mostly manual and error prone across multiple teams or stakeholders.

The main goal of these transformations is to create an organization that operates through automated pipelines of continuous delivery with fast cycle times, high confidence, and great quality. I doesn’t matter what Agile framework you’re using or attempting: Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Scrum Nexus, or others. Continuous Delivery values will be important to you and we can find a way to make them work.

Team Leaders, Tech LEads & Elastic Leadership

It’s almost impossible to find real self organizing teams in the wild today. Most companies I visit have teams that are in what I call Survival Mode - they are too busy fixing fires and reacting that they don’t have time to learn skills that would have prevented those fires in the first place. Getting those teams to become self organizing is what I coach and train about.

Elastic leadership is a framework and philosophy of technical leadership that can help you as you manage day-to-day and long term challenges and strive to create the elusive self-organizing team. It is about understanding that your leadership needs to change based on which phase you discover your team is in.

I coach & train Executives, technical leads and other technical experts in the organization on helping to grow true organizing teams


XP, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development & Engineering Practices

I’m the author of The Art of Unit Testing and also create the String Calculator Kata. I consult teams on various engineering practices & related topics such as:

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