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Win A Free pass to the PDC!

Yup - Wintellect is giving away a free pass. You'll have to pay all other associated costs of the trip. But this is huge! You guys rock. (hooray Sara!!!!!)

[Julie Lerman]

Oh this is definitely exciting! I might actually have a shot at going (although a looong one!). One thing I noticed on the form is that they expect a US phone number. But they don't mention anything about what countries are eligible for this. So I entered.

One “thing” in the for though: The phone number should be entered like this:

xxx-xxx-xxxx  or like this  (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Mind you - all the hyphens matter!. I had to view-source on the page to find out what the required field validator needed as a regex - maybe it's like a puzzle you have to solve to prove your worthiness? ;)

Anyway - good luck , to me and all other participants. May the luckiest soul win :)

The Exception Model

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