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Writing help is... challenging

God I hate writing help files. I'll never be able to be a technical writer. How do those people do it? There are actually technical writing sites that are devoted to the love of the profession. I seriously admire these people. It takes nothing but love and hard work to be good at this (much like C++..?). And all I'm trying to do is make a simple help file on The Regulator. Geez. You'd think I'd have done it by now, 4 days after starting, but no. I only have like one page and a basket full of chocolate wrappings(kidding... we're trying to have the least amount of chocolate available in the house, specifically for situations such as this). So. any suggestions? anyone else wants to help me write this thing? I promise a serious credit in the about :)

To be honest, I've never had to do this before. Sure, I've written many technical documents, but documents that say “click this then you'lll see this so click that to get this” are simply ....ugh!

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