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I'm going on a two month gig to Norway

I finally have some good news to show for all the crap I've been through: In about a week I'll be taking off from Israel and landing in this beautiful place in Norway where I'll be doing a 1-2 months consulting gig on a .Net project.
If anything, I'm pretty excited (and I haven't been sleeping much either) and thrilled to do this (and yes, a little afraid as well since it's my first real gig as a consultant).
If all goes well I might even get to stay a while longer, but that's too far in the future to see right now. My wife will be coming to visit me there about two weeks after I leave home. We'll spend there about a week together at which time she'll go back home and I'll be Wifeless up until the end of January. Oh, I can just taste the adventure now.
BTW, they are still looking for good experienced people to get over there for short/long term. If you're interested, contact Michael and tell him I sent you.
And to finish this off - here's are some thumbnails from over there:
Against Furuholmen and Florø Rorbu The island Batalden, west of Florø view from the balcony 
(The one with the man at the table is taken where I'll probably be staying. Isn't that just totally crazy?)

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