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What is Proximity inter-communication

I find “Paper prototyping“ a good technique. For some odd reason, it also bugs me that people sell a book that talks about how to draw dialogs on paper and move them around. Therefore, I've created an introduction to the next “ground-breaking“ software design philosophy:

The following is based on the Paper Prototyping “what is it“ homepage 

What is Proximity inter-communication


Proximity inter-communication is a variation of human interaction where participants perform day to day tasks by interacting with other participants that are standing near by, using voice and various gestures to express what they want to do”

The "participant" stands or sits in front of the other “participant” and performs hand gestures and smiles or utters words in order to do Proximity inter communication with the other person. Other “participants” may or may not be sitting or standing close by or far away from the second participant. They may listen or they may not. Notice that you must breathe in and out before speaking long sentences or you will run out of air and communication will fail

What kinds of software can you communicate about?

Proximity communication can be used for virtually any type of software design – Web site, hand-held device, or even hardware. Its purpose is to get quick feedback from other people while the thought in your mind is still "fresh." Some communications take place near the kitchen, while others use a crowded street or a restaurant.


How is Proximity communication related to software design?

The above definition of Proximity communication does not overlap with programming. The two concepts are not quite the same. It’s possible to do software design without needing to proximity-communicate with anyone. And Proximity communication can be used for purposes other than software design– some product teams find it helpful in ordering pizza and telling various technology related jokes..


What skills do you need?

You do not need to be a graphic artist or software engineer to do proximity communication, though those skills might come in handy when you’re ready to actually start programming. If you have ideas that you can express by uttering them in words and sentences – then you can do proximity communication..

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