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Welcome Dino, and a word about MSDN articles

Dino Esposito Has started a blog here on .Net weblogs (rss). If you don't know who he is, I suggest you get acquainted with his work real soon as he is one of the finest authors I've ever read with cool solutions and examples.
It's funny. Having him blog here automatically makes me feel like I'm physically closer to him. Perhaps it's that feeling that he is much more accessible now through his blog that I can actually interact with him about stuff he just wrote a minute or two ago. That is truly the power of blogging. You automatically make yourself much much closer to your target audience and very interesting conversations can begin. You won't find that kind of added value in MSDN articles, I can assure you.
(I've heard that you can now leave comments on MSDN articles, or was it just ratings? in any case, The day MSDN articles become “interactive” - both readers and the author can write comments on the article in the same web space - I think we'll see a surge in knowledge gathering and communication like we havne't seen in a long long time)

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