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An honor

Well. what can i say. it's an honor to blog among people i respect and read their blogs so much.

A little about me:

I'm Married to my beautiul wife named Tal. we rent a house togather a little nrth of Tel Aviv in a place called "Beney Zion". we have been married for 2 years now.She And I are the same age - 27.

1) I program in C#:

my main areas currentlyare Remoting an Winforms.

2) I'm from israel - this should make things a little more interesting for people since i will probaby be writing in accordance to things that happen in my country. i am not disconected from current events and the israeli-palestinian conflict (although i sometimes wish i were..)

3)I'm intereseted in a lot of other stuff.

namely - playing classical guitar - and laying around in front of the TV watching garbage. sometimes i just take apart my computer and reformat the life out of it, just ro reassemble it and not sleep for 2 nights. My wife LOVES that.. :)

o write about my expriences in >NET here and also other interesting stuff and links..

See ya.




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