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Escaping into code

Sometimes i wish i could just crawl up and snuggle in a dark, warm little place wth nothing but a nice keyboard, a big LCD screen ,a mother of a computer ,a fat T1 line and just learn and program stuff. oh yeah, and blog too.

The news in our country is getting so weird lately. Seems like everywhere you turn there is a disaster, or one that is just waiting to happen. I'm sure i'm not the only geek who feels this way, yet i think each one feels this completely in solitude.

when israel lost Ilan Ramon - the first israeli in space , it was one of the worst things that could have happened. he gave us hope. hope to get out of this slimey mess we sit in, to live a normal life, to be able to live in a nice house, with a yard, a dog, and a nice car, and that all those could actually be affordable. The politics here are getting worse by the day, and people here get killing just beacause they sit in coffeeshops.

Sometimes i wish i was in the USA - in a nice programming gig - not worrying my pretty little head about stuff like death and military service. yep. sometimes crawling up will do just fine for me, and probably for many others as well.

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