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A lesson in usability

Delete a bookmark

  1. On the Insert menu, click Bookmark.
  2. Click the name of the bookmark you want to delete, and then click Delete.

Note   To delete both the bookmark and the bookmarked item, select the item, and then press DELETE.

[From Word 2002 manual]

crap. just wanted to create a template .Doc object with bookmarks to work with from COM automation, but once you get into these bookmark adventures, you never know how your gonna come out...

so i got this text that is part of a bigger bookmark, but i just want to clip the last word from the bookmark field, but i bloody can't! i have to delete the whole goddamn thing and reapply it...


Update: Just thought i'd clarify what bothers me:

1) you have to press "Insert" to "Delete" something. that is one of the pourest usablity designs i have ever seen..

2) Deleting a bookmarked item automatically deletes the bookmark. Word shoud tell you that you just deleted or about to delete a bookmark

3) It's hard to work with bookmarks which are invisible. word provides no means of working with an invisible bookmark to edit a template. you have to have text items that are bookmarks to easily design template documents. why is that so hard to accomplish?  Last i saw, using Bookmarks in template documents was one of the most commonly used ways to create a word document with data inserted through automation. Yes, You could use Mail Merge, but this way is much simpler (or am i wrong..?)

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