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Attack of the certified

"Oh, this exam makes me an MCAD.  So right now I'm an MCT, MCSD for VB6, MCAD for Microsoft .NET.  By wednesday I hope to have MCSD for Microsoft .NET, and by friday perhaps I'll be ready for the Win2k Server exam so I can get my MCDBA.  "

[via Phil Scott]

I feel so small and uncertified ... :(

perhaps some day i could be a TitleBitch too.. ;)

 ( no offense intended - just a thought about a new slang word for Title throwing...)

don't you mean "Oh, this exam makes me an MCSD", btw?

P.S - that XML web services exam sounds like a bitch. I am currently studying for the Winforms exam, but it looks to be much easier..

3Degrees looks cool