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Coding into the night

You all know these moments. You worked on something really hard for a serious amount of time, hacking away, discovering errors, finxing bugs, implementing pure cool stuff and then, finally, after all this time, you press "play" and it just runs.

Just like you thought it would look at the end. Your vision has come true. You thought of, designed ,investigated and implemented a cool piece of software, and it just runs. I really love these moments. I even cought myself raising my arms in the air and whispering a quiet "yahhh!" (don't wake the wife...)

There is still lots to do, but from what it looks now my little project is really coming along. I don't wanna give away the ending, as i will be releasing my code as GPL, but just a taste would suffice:

When what i wrote ran, i could write a .Net assembly which does Interop with a VB COM dll and a C++ COM dll, and i could trace through all the code (.Net-to-VB-to-C++-to-.Net again) using a simple "Trace.Write" call whenever i needed to and everything showed up on one specific place.

But that's only the beginning of what i have planned....

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