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Shared Source CLI Essentials Book is out + more about specialization

According to O'Reilly the book Shared Source CLI Essentials by Stutz, Neward and Shilling is available as of today. Congratulations to David, Ted & Geoff on this major achievement!

[All Things Distributed]

Wow. That looks like something to sink your teeth in! I'll just add this book to my amazon Wish List and keep wishing.... ;)


This makes another good point to my previous post  in reply to DataGrid Girl's post about specialization and generality: Even though i know that today and in the near future touching ROTOR will be only a side hobby and nothing close to work related, I'd still want to look at it, browse through the book and get a better understanding of the thoughts and processes behind this huge thing. I know i probably wont get very indepth in to the book, but i'll know i have learnt enough to add some richness and background to my .Net knwoledge and expertise. 

Another example : A couple of times a month i get hit with questions (usually I ask myself these questions...) about some stuff that i don't know how to do. It is then that the stuff i have browsed through over the years really comes in to play. I can usually faintly remember something i played with a few months ago, or an article i read somewhere about something related to the issue at hand. the important thing is that i am not in a bubble. I am  usually just a few clicks away from the information that i need to find and where to find it ( and sometimes where to find it is just as important, or you can get lost in mountains of unrelated information..).

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