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When Unix Ports Attack

I've been pretty busy the last few days. My job has just let me in on a speech project that uses "periphonics" - a a tool that has been around for a while (can you say "COBOL is my friend"?) and ive been immersed in studying it's quirks. I must say that Tools ported from Unix to Windows have a , how should i say it nicely, "distinct" look and feel. The interface is horrible and working with it is a nightmare (no matter how strong it's features are). Imagine not being able to type in a single word, and always using your mouse's right button to open menus and select things. Dialog windows open seperatly (a-la ALT-F4 to close them...) and some checkboxes seem to be there just for dress-up. No scroll bars, no paste or copy...

anyway ,it is a new technology, and learning how to integrate this with our current tools is not as boring as i thought.

So hopefully i will have more time the next few days to post more interesting stuff...

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