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Accented Blogging

I was having this thought as i was going through some blog. As I was reading it, in my head i kept picturing the guy that was writing this, speaking out the words i was reading. He Had an amarican accent. Actually, after some thought, All the blogs and articles i read are precieved as American accented in my head. why? because that's what i'm used to. I stopped to think what if the guy actually has a british accent, or Russian? The whole article or post would be a different experience and would be read differently (regardless of the content). Having the right accent to go along with the words makes it all the more personal when reading the blog.

If i go to a blog and there is a "Accent: British" I'd be able to read it more as the writer intended . That's why on some blogs you see a "Currently playing" note and "current mood". it makes it more personal. Since this area of blogs (.net) is more of a preofessional nature, i don;t exepct to see "mood" and "playing" entries anytime soon, but having an accent to go with the words actually would be nice.

What do you think?

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