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A VS.NET 2003 Registry Tweaker Don Could Use

Since Don was writing on how you can tweak the registry in order to be able to ShellExecute VS.NET associated files into an open instance of VS.NET(instead of a new one each time),

I decided to take the 'challenge' and came up with this:

Sample Image - VSNetRegHelper.jpg

  • Download source files - 74 Kb
  • Download demo project - 8 Kb


    Don Box Commented about the fact that when he double clicks VS.NET associated files in his explorer, Those files are opened using a new instance of VS.NET, even though there is an existing instance of the editor. He also pointed out a way in which to make those files load within the active instance of the VS.NET. It is done by adding a simple suffix to the value of registry keys associated with those files in the registry.

    However, This process is very cumbersome. So I decided to make a program solely for this purpose. This program can be customized to change a user defined registry key, and an xml list of files that will be changed. The user can also revert this process.



    You can download the program and the code from CodeProject. (No warrenty! This is just a simple utility - nothing more)

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