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Config Hell - continued

OK. I got several comments regarding the reasons for Config Files to be Read-Only.

"The main reason for having config files read only, IMHO, is due to permissions issues. Applications are typically installed to Program Files/*. On a locked down system, its very possible for a user not to have rights to that directory.


[Matt Berther]

That's a very good argument - for why you wouldnt want to implement read-write options in a specific software you are building. but definitely not for all software products. Since when should something like this not even give you the option to write to the file? let me worry about when i should write to it. hell, most of the stuff i write now uses config files in a very closed and specific environment - where read-write permissions are needed where these files reside. but now i have to implement more code, or serialize my own stuff. point is - you give us something - don't cripple it. 'Write' functionality on config files is just as logical as reading from them. If you want us to steer away from ini files, or registery values - give us something that replaces this functionality at the simplest level.

When i first saw the appSettings thing- i was pretty excited (even though its a small thing). "Yoohoo! No need to write plumbing to save and read simple settings anymore!" . wrong. you can read - but not write. c'mon! give me a break!

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