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How to Pass A Microsoft Interview - SDE/T Edition

I was going through Chris Sell's Posts about Microsoft interviews and was amazed at the amount of interest these have generated. Quite frankly, I was intrigued as well. I do wonder what its like - being there. Those posts provide a window to the world of 'how  its done with the big boys' in a sort of way. I wouldn't be surprised if a 'How to pass A Microsoft interview' Book were to be written in the near future. (I can even go as far as seeing editions - 'Passing MSFT Interview - QA Edition' or 'SDE/T Edition','Evangelist Edition'... you get the drift.


Perhaps stories like this one are another reason these books are just a matter of time...

Yet Another Update:

Well, I knew it!. Samer Ibrahim pointed me in the direction of just the book I was speaking of - 

How Would You Move Mount Fuji?: Microsoft's Cult of the Puzzle -- How the World's Smartest Companies Select the Most Creative Thinkers
by William Poundstone

(Now I feel like I must have it!)

I Couldn't Help Myself

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