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InnovaSys SmartTasks Beta Download Available

I requested and got permission to post the following beta material. Being a fond user of some of their other products, I'm posting this. You are all welcome to download and try it out. have fun :)

From what I've tried so far, it shows promise.

"We are pleased to announce the beta availability of a new product, Innovasys SmartTasks. Innovasys SmartTasks is the first task management tool to focus on a Visual Studio / Visual Studio.NET developers needs and features innovative collaboration and 'Context Linking' technology.

SmartTasks allows you to organize, share and link tasks the way you want. Using global hotkeys, automatically link tasks to specific Outlook emails, Visual Basic or Visual Studio.NET solutions, projects, files or even specific code procedures - allowing you to create and navigate links to all the code relevant to the task in hand with a single click. Also link to files and internet URLs using drag and drop. See the full product overview below for more details on SmartTasks functionality, including Instant Messenger and email collaboration features.

We invite you to download and install SmartTasks Beta 1 and let us know what you think, and to help us refine the product design and feature set prior to release. We have been using SmartTasks internally for some time now and believe you will find the product both robust and feature rich. SmartTasks includes Outlook Import functionality, so if you have a Task list you manage in Outlook - give SmartTasks a try and experience the difference.

The most active beta testers will receive a free license for Innovasys SmartTasks when released.

Screenshot of the SmartTasks user interface:

SmartTasks uses v1.5 of the DockStudioXP toolbar control so if you are *not* currently using the 1.5 beta version of DockStudioXP you should not install the SmartTasks beta as it will install version 1.5 of the DockStudioXP control.

Obtaining the beta release

sign up for the beta at:
You can then download Innovasys SmartTasks beta setup from:


Innovasys SmartTasks is an information manager allowing you to create, link and organize tasks, contacts and notes in a user friendly and productive environment.


SmartTasks contains innovative Context Link technology that allows you to precisely link Tasks with relevant items (emails, procedures in Visual Basic / Visual Studio.NET projects, files). Using global hotkeys, create or link tasks from within Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Innovasys HelpStudio. Use drag and drop to link files and Internet addresses with an existing task.

The rich linking capabilities with Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio.NET make SmartTasks the ideal task management solution for developers.


Collaborate by sharing tasks with your colleagues and other contacts. SmartTasks can send and receive Tasks using your Microsoft Windows Messenger connection, using Microsoft Outlook or directly by email using your SMTP mail server.

The collaboration features of SmartTasks, coupled with the rich linking capabilities with Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio.NET make SmartTasks the ideal task management for development teams of all sizes.


Track Tasks by Priority, Status, Category. Organize Tasks into hierarchical folders. Use the 'Due Items' panel to keep track of due and overdue Tasks. Sort and Group at the click of a button, and define 'Format rules' to highlight tasks in a way that makes most sense for you (e.g. highlight overdue items in Red, mark unread items in bold).


SmartTasks supports a rich in-built set of Task information fields which can be extended through creating your own Custom Fields. Create your own Category, Priority and Status values.

Using the SmartTasks SDK, you can seamlessly integrate SmartTasks by creating Add-Ins or by utilizing the SmartTasks Context Link technology in your own Applications.


Archive items so you have a permanent record of your historical tasks.


Innovasys Beta Team

You are receiving this email as you are a registered user of one or more Innovasys products, or have expressed an interest in beta testing future Innovasys products. It is not our intention to send you email you would rather not receive - if you would rather not receive emails of this kind in future, please reply to this email with a subject line of NOBETA"

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