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I don't know about you, but whenever I see a technology book lying in front of me, I feel, well, almost like butterflies are playing soccer in my stomach.

Really! This may turn out the geekiest post I've written so far, but I feel like rambling about love of technology, and this seems like the place ;)

Looking at a book that I haven't  yet read, I always feel like there's this small(yet sometimes heavy) block of pure knowledge lying on the table in front of me, and all I have to do is read it, and then I'll know it. Something like in the matrix where the girl says "Tank, I need to learn how to fly a helicopter" and then she squints a bit, and *wham*. She knows it. Well, kinda like that, only a slower process.


But really. Looking at a book and the thought that I can just read it and learn more cool stuff, enrich my knowledge, that almost makes me feel invincible (in a geeky developer sort of way).  Granted, I sometimes take on more than I can chew, but the good thing is that you keep the book and then digest it over time.


Ingo Rammer's "Advanced .Net Remoting" book, is one of those for me. It's divided into two parts, one tells you how to do remoting, and do it good, in-depth.

The second part tells you how to extend remoting. It's all about Sinks, contexts, formatters and configuration. Definitely a tough read.

Even though I bought it more then 4 months ago, I;ve read the first half in about a week, and paused. Yeah, I'm only half way through it. Just in the last couple of days am I starting to show some progress. I feel more "ready" for these subjects, having worked with the .Net framework from a deeper prospective.


All this excitement about technology books leads to the fact that I can never just "walk into" a book store that contains tech books, buy something, and get the hell out. No sir. I do try, but the moment I lay my eyes on those bookshelves, oh man – I'm gone J I can just browse through them for hours on end, looking at this, looking at that. A kid in a candy store.


Hmm.. Now that I think about it, I'm the same way about DVD libraries! I always get to the point the sellers start looking at me funny, but I'll take my time. Having to pick just one movie out of all the cool titles available,  and making sure its just right for both my wife and me to watch together - *shiver*.


Hmm.. Now that I think about it some more, I'm the same way about computer shops, TV shops, Stereo and home cinema shops. Gosh. It seems like I'm a totally annoying person to be with around anything that has to do with technology and gadgets...;)


Fortunately, I have a friend or two who are exactly the same way. Heh. The fact that we can go to any store that has something concerning technology in it, and just spend there hours, together, without exchanging more than 10 words between us says it all J

Its amazing how guys get together and can just shut-up for three hours. Watching a game, having a bud – you know the drill. In my case though, it's watching a video game, having some diet coke.  You know the drill ..

And just so this post will have something to do with .Net: .Net rocks ;)

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