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Donny Mack Reveals Hidden Developer Secrets

"Posted By: Donny Mack
on 5/29/2003 6:58:00 AMOk, we just launched (finally) version 3.0 of dotnetjunkies. It is past 5am my time, and I've found lots of buts, but screw it - we're beta testing this baby live. Ok, off to bed. More tomorrow.

[via DotNetJunkies Weblog]

Spoken like a true developer... ;)


The new dotnetJunkis site looks great! I have to wonder if I'd want to join it though. I think I should concentrate only on one blog per human brain. othertise the outcome might not be satisfactory....

p.s 2

Is there an HTML editing control that performs Spell checking? writing in WORD and pating into the browser seems a bit cumbersome to me when dealing with short posts (that means this post was not spell checked, so be gentle :)

p.s 3

Have you noticed? Now that Sam Gentile has his weblog elsewhere, I am currently the most active blogger on the list in the main .NetWeblogs Page. Problem: I have no idea if that's a good thing or a bad thing ;)


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