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Chris Pirillo Sells His Mind

Chris Pirillo annonced he will now charge you for his tech expertise in answering tech support questions . Since Chris is quite the Tech guru on such a vast number of subjects I can definitely see that happening, but not at 27$ a pop. The way I see it, Either charge a small fee per question (3$-8$) on a permanent basis,  or charge a very small fee per question as a base price which then changes per question difficulty. Then, the scenraio would go like this:

 upon recievieng the question chris would contact the question owner and tell him 'OK, This is a tough one, it'll cost more then 3$ to answer this one. I'll have to do some major researching"


 'Easy one! you owe me just one dollar for that one!"

In any case, this will not scare off those folks out there with really minute problems (i.e "Outlook blocked my email attachment!") . Paying 27$ for that one and getting an answer 3 minutes later with 4 sentences - I'd feel cheated.

I've been watching Chris on TechLive's "Call For Help" show for quite a while now and I can honestly say they lost a good one when he left. I really like his non-condescending  attitude toward newbie questions. It really shows personality. I wonder what he'll do next (I'll admit I'm not an avid reader of his blog - That font drives me nuts!).

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