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Free Book: Software Testing and Internationalization

"Dear colleague,

LISA, in collaboration with Lemoine International has made "Software Testing and Internationalization" by Galileo Computing freely available for download.

This book will transform how you view testing methodologies and procedures. It introduces the reader to essential concepts and approaches used by practitioners in the software testing arena, while also taking into account the realities of low budgets and real schedule deadlines. It is in this context that the specific needs of small, agile project teams are covered in detail.

Topics covered:

* New approaches to quality

* Risk analysis and evaluation

* Risk-based testing

* Exploratory testing

* Testing and tuning

* Testing by using

* Use cases, requirements, and test cases

* Debugging

* Myths and realities of Automated Testing

* Windows scripting

* Test frameworks

* Testing-based application development

* Tools for developers and testers

* Agile test management

* International planning and architecture

* International development issues

* Internationalization testing

To download a copy, please visit"

If you don't want to be spammed, This is the Email you recieve after registration:

"Thank you for your interest in receiving Galileo Computing Software Testing and Internationalization by Manfred Rätzmann and Clinton De Young. You may download your copy at

Please note that this book is formatted in PDF and is provided free of charge by Lemoine International and LISA. It is a full version of the book and there are no limits on your use of the PDF, but it may not be printed.

If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy of the book, please e-mail


LISA/Lemoine International"



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