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Scripting News Is Down. I'm Sad.

Dave took down scripting news. I really feel for what he writes there. I have nothing to say to make him feel any better. I can only offer my sympathy as someone who "tries" to undestand what he's going through. In the end, the feeling of being left alone is far more powerful than any medium. It's the feelings, that people sometimes bare for all to see, that make me actually have emotions for someone I've never met(and probably never will). Dave just did that, and it reads and makes you want to cry a little. Yeah.It really did make me feel that. And you know what, I wasn't a real avid reader of that site. It just the person behind that last post that made me write all this "stuff" right now.



Oh! It seems to be back up, and Dave seems to be his usual self. The world is normal again(And I don't like people teaching me lessons - although I did learn *something* tonight)

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