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Faster typing achieved slowly

My touch typing abilities have been improving for the past few days. The hardest part seems to be typing out actual code. typing all those exclamation points and semicolons is pretty rough to place your fingers on, but slowly, I get it to go faster and faster.

Somtimes I'll catch myself typing out like in the olds days- using 4 fingers and two eyes, but I have to say that I really like the experience of typing something out and keeping my eyes on the screen at the same time, watching the text being written in real time.

I even tried a friend's keyboard, an ergonomical one by Microsoft. The difference is amazing. It's much more easy to touch type on that kind of keyboard than on a regular one. Conversely, it is much harder to type on it using my old typing method. everything is very different and thus everything is much slower. My eyes and fingers kept looking for keys in a specific place. Once I "let go" and let my fingers roam the keyboards without my eyes "helping", everything was much simpler. The keyboard is designed to make your fingers "slip" in to their right place.

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