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There goes an hour or two

So much for a productive day. My work machine's hard disk failed, appearently during the weekend, so I get to work, and I find a nice black screen with nothing but a "Disk Read Error" message. Ugh.

Why does that even happen in this day & age?

Perhaps we should all start working like in the CIA - all terminals are actually thin clients working against a big mainframe. Did you know those terminals don;t even have Had Drives? So you won't be able to copy informaiton  (They don't have copiers for the same reason) - at least that's what I've learned watching "The Recruit" movie this weekend.  What can I say (If I may digress a litlle..) that movie sucked big time. You've got all that security, yet people still manage to sneak out information using a simple USB hard drive which they connect to their keyboad. How stupid is that?

So I move to a different machine so I can continue working, and boy - what a difference a seat makes. All my settings , my favorite settings! gone like the wind! made me think of an idea for software that takes your computer settings and applies them into a different machine(like the vs.Net add-in thingy only on a different scale) I'm not talking about moving entire programs, i'm just talking advanced automatic tweaking stuff - like removing the "Really delete? are you absolutely sure that you would like to delete this file you confused little user you?" dialog from the recycle bin and so on...

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