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IDE enhancements - conclusion?

In my last post, I named a few enhancements I’d like to see added to C#’s IDE. I then asked, for each of these, why was it not sensible to add them, or why do they not exist in the first place. I’ve gotten plenty of responses.


First, Thanks Oisin, for clearing up what you actually meant. I think your point is well made on a few points, and I can’t say I disagree with some of the things you’ve said. I’ll totally disregard the “language war” theme that keeps bubling up, because that’s not what this is about(although I’ve been there, done that).


Second, Frans posted an extensive post regarding each item I named separately. I can only say it was a very interesting read, and whoever is interested in getting real answers to my ponderings should read that first.


I don’t want this to turn into a language war thing. I wanted the discussion to focus on the reasons some things are, and why some things can’t be. I got the answers for those things, and , like any logical programmer – once I got the logic behind that, I agree and understand with some of the stuff.  I haven’t changed my mind about some of them, but I now fully realize why some things are as they are today, and why some will never be. Thanks guys. My knowledge world just got richer today thanks to you J

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