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PDC: Show me the bits

Brad tells us what the PDC attendees will get:

  1. Longhorn! You have seen screen shots from leaked versions, now get your own copy! Not only will you get to see *some* of the new look and feel stuff we are doing, but you will also get and SDK and tools support for programming to the huge new managed APIs that longhorn offers. (more on that in a later post).

  2. Whidbey .NET Framework and VS Whidbey – See the work we have done in the platform AND the tools that target that platform.

  3. Yukon – For you data heads, you will love this… Stored procs written in C#\VB, way cool.

Oh and, BTW, be sure to bring a DVD drive to the event!

I'd write how totally bummed I am for not going to this, but some people seem to find it “whiny”.

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