Perhaps it was in honor of my new MCP, or just because it is two days before the Hebrew new year's, I find myself looking for a job again. The tale is short and not that complicated. suffice to say that my current company were not really sure what they were looking for, but I wasn't it. So, it's come to searching again, and you get the chance to grab me while I'm young and underpaid :)

If you're interested in hiring me, look here for my resume and other important stuff.

My current plans:

  1. Write more articles (and publish on MSDN)
  2. Do my first lecture in a user group (about Unit testing)
  3. Build and foster an Israeli community website on my home machine based on the Community starter kit
  4. Take my next MCP test
  5. Read several books I've been meaning to (Don's, Martin's,Chris's)

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