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Expresso up to version 1.2 already

Looks like Expresso, my tool of choice for working with regular expressions, is already on version 1.2 and I missed it! Hurry up and download it.

From what I can see they added :

  • Saving your own library of regular expressions divided into categories (add as much as you want)
  • Tools - > Show C#/Vb.Net code displays the code segment required to run this regex using C# or VB.Net
  • “Compile to assembly” option giving you the ability to compile this regex into a .net assembly (you decide the name of the class to hold the functionality inside the assembly
  • “Save code to a file“ lets you do just that.



The thing I love most about this tool is that it has a “regex builder” inside it, from which I've learned 90% of what I know in this language. How cool is that? It's the simplest things that seem to carry the most impact.

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