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Back from Croatia but, sadly, not for long

I just got back from Croatia.
Croatia is a pretty cool country – lovely beaches as long as the eye can see (no sand though – just rocks and shells) and amazing landscapes on the inside. Think Greece – only less annoying tourists (for now). Lovely.
We rented a car and just drove from one end (Zagreb) to the other (Dobrovnik) stopping along the way wherever we wanted. I think my traveliung days will never be the same. This is the way to travel. You’re not locked down to a specific hotel and you can drive for as long as you want – there’s always some place to crash the night.
We crashed some really interesting places along the way. One of them was a roadhouse that has a B&B on the 2nd floor. Its mostly for truckers that stop along in the middle of the night. I swear we felt like we were in some kind of movie – the real people – the hard earning, sleepless, all night driving truckers were pulling in – driking and laughing with each other in what sounds like Russian, and smoking so much you’d think there was a pot convention. And then there’s the beer. Tal and I were sitting there along side the people and I was trying to famke my way into a believable beer drinker  - which did not last long. Not to mention the look we got when we asked for an omlet for dinner – no ham, cheese or any kind of meat, only vegetables on it. Those were funny looks we got, I tell ya.
Not a day went by when we didn’t say “wow!” at least 10 times during driving or walking somewhere. I loved every moment. There were so many places we didn’t have time to stop in that I think even a month would not be enough. Its just a land full of beauty.
Anyway – I’d love to say “and now back to regular programming” but that’s not the case. I have military service duty coming up that should take about amonth of me being out of the house and work. It start in about a week. And that sucks. After that though – I really plan on getting back to my usual self and planting al sorts of half assed ideas into your head. Be warned.

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