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Israel .Net Deep Dive lectures feedback

If you attended the .Net Deep Dive event in Israel you might have noticed something - Microsoft didn't really ask you what you thought about the quality of the lectures. As one of the people who actually spoke at the event that pretty much sucks, cause I don't get any real feedback on what could be done better or what was missing and a whole slew of other things. It also sucks for Microsoft cause they don't know what topics the audience was was interested in, and it makes it harder for them to target those topics next time.
And of course,  if I get good feedback on a lecture, I can always come to Microsoft and say "Hey, listen, I got some great feedback on this lecture, let's do an advanced lecture next time on this topic, or maybe even a user group on this range of topics (hint!)"
So anyway - Yosi sent me a link that lets you *finally* do exactly that:
It's important to everyone so take 3 minutes and do it, will ya? Oh, and if you have friends that were there but do not read my blog, forward this URL to them and ask them to do the same. Tell them it's for the greater good. Tell them it's for me :)

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