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More cool tools, and a cool Add-in for C++

Lots of cool tools in this nice blog post.
I am reminded again of the chalkTalk application by Billy Hollis which is cool for presentations.
Another cool tool I discovered is Visual Assist-X which works for all versions of C++ on Visual Studio .net and 6.0 and also VB.Net and C#. It actually complements Resharper very well.  (Yes I know it's been there for ages but I've only now had a real need to actually install it so that makes for a whole new discovery cycle on my part..)
It's amazing to me that for C++ they are practically the only real-selling Add-in out there. Especially for a product such as VC 6.0 which has some amazing disadvantages regarding usability.
Am I missing some more add-is? how about refactoring for C++? anyone know something like that?

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