I came upon this weblog via TestDriven.Net. After sifting through the posts a bit I added it to my RSS subscription list. Recommended. It's a definite "Agile development" themed blog, and has a lot of experience and real life lessons to learn from. I especially liked this blog post about the (non)differences in SOA and Agile world views and how to mitigate them both to work with each other. Here's a nice quote from it:

"Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Agile - two of the current "hot topics" in IT.  The interesting thing is that even though they're fundamentally different - one being a set of architectural principles, the other a set of methodology principles, one of the key goals and benefits of both is enabling change.

Now, there are clearly differences in the goals (enterprise integration vs. fail early, etc.), but that's beyond the scope of this entry.  What this is about is that these are two sets of principles that are both useful and appropriate in today's technology landscape.  So, a natural situation to arrive at is where you want to transform a company to use both Agile and SOA.  This raises an interesting issue, though..."


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