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Oracle: Don't hate it just because you don't get it, get it?

I found this somewhat amusing:
Alex announces he's adding himself to the "I-Hate-Oracle Club" to which there is a reply in the comments:
"if you can't figure the damn thing out, this is no reason to hate it. take women for instance, you don't hate them , do ya ? "
My opinion? I tried managing Oracle a bit at an earlier job. Nothing fancy, just needed a new DB with some new tables, and it was hell. Much like moving from C# to C++ in VS 6.0. I cannot believe that some product manager is actually sitting up there and saying "yeah, keep it like that" (hmm, actually that would be good for Oracle, wouldn't it? you just have to get the Oracle Consultants in to get the job done.)
If Oracle had the usability features of SQL server with the current set of features, it could probably take over the world. On the other hand, if SQL server added a couple more features that Oracle has while keeping it's usability features up, it might tip the user base over to their side in many cases, thus take over the market.

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