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1 year of blogging

Tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary of this weblog.Who knew..
A year ago I was hating my job, feeling misused and basically waiting for something to come along.
It didn't come, so I had to bring it myself. This blog made all the difference in the world for me.
Through this blog I was able to:
  • Learn more information than I ever could have learned in twice this time from this amazing community
  • Find new friends
  • Get several job offers
  • Work as a consultant all the way off in Norway
  • Write articles for MSDN and MSDNAA
  • Invited to speak at user groups (more on this one later)
I've tried to stay true to myself and to my feelings. Yeah, sometimes I speak and find out that I was wrong, but I always try to make amends later. I beg forgiveness from anyone who'm I offended. Sorry, it was not on purpose.
Thanks for reading me. The statistics of the number of readers certainly help me to write and share more. Lately it's been a bit slow on the technical side but my promise to you is that I'll be back to more articles real soon. I might even have very exciting news in the coming weeks (No I am not taking the red pill).

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