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This site looks like it's off to a good start. It's one of those “How come there wasn't one earlier” kind of sites.
A few pointers:
  • The forums look like they could be something really good.
  • All articles are in Hebrew. I've always hated learning programming through Hebrew books. The translation of technical terms into Hebrew is usually funny at best and cryptic at worst. Still, for someone who would rather read English this is a good place to go.I still think there should be room for English stuff too.
  • Not much content yet. But there should be real soon.
  • Already a contest on the way, and the prizes should be pretty cool.
  • No VB.Net section. Definitely a miss.
  • No RSS feed. Well, I guess there is still very little understanding of the power of this medium.
The site is apparently operated by Liron Ratzaby.  He's still looking for people to help manage the forums.
Good work Liron :)

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