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Test Driven Development Workshop is a go!

[Note; Applies to Israeli developers only]

Great news! I just got the go ahead from my boss here at Magen, Reuven, to use Magen’s facilities for hosting the first “Hands on Test Driven Development Workshop” (see link for the background information on this effort).

Here’s the game plan:

When: Wednesday the 19th 19.5.04

Length: Around 3 hours, starting at 18:00

Where: Magen offices


  • Introduction to agile methodologies
  • Intro to NUnit and unit testing concepts
  • Hands on: create simple applications with TDD
  • Hands on: create a little more complex apps using TDD
  • DB testing concepts
  • (You will be working in pairs)

Any more suggestions?

What you need to know: C# or VB.Net.  At least 1 year experience developing actual real applications, or you will be in over your head. Seriously.

How to register:

We only have space enough for 10 people (2 on each machine). If you want in, email me to Roy At Magen dot com with the subject “TDD registration”. First 10 people to email will be enrolled in the first workshop. Depending on the number of people who want in, we will consider doing more workshops. If you want to train on your own personal laptop email me as well and we’ll see if we can add you in besides the first 10 (It’s also a question of how much space we have).

Price: Completely free. Maybe even a pizza somewhere in the middle.

OK. Let’s see how this goes. We’ll never know if we don’t give it a try.

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