I've updated my current book of the month and the list of book recommendations. I've also added a “recommended books“ category to my blog, for future reference.
I'd love to hear your book recommendations.
Book of the month for this month is the one that didn't make it last month(hence I'll recycle my post from last month about it):
Book of the month: .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1: Base Class Library and Extended Numerics Library, 1/e
I really like this quote from Brad about the book:
I tried to maintain a very minium level of editorial discretion on the annotations. My goal was to get folks that were heavily involved in the design of the BCL to comment candidly from their point of view. There are no annotations that are wrong technically, but that does not mean they are all the Microsoft official position
I'd say this book is a must if you want to deeply understand some of the reasons and logic (and sometimes mistakes) that went into creating the base class library of the .Net framework. I'm one of those who believes the deeper you are aware of what's underneath, the better you can deal with problems and understand why things happen, and thus deal with them more easily.

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