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Moving this Friday - posting will stop for a few days

Posting will be sort of non existent in the coming days. We're moving into a new place which will be reflected in lack of Internet connectability for a while. As I write this, They've already moved the air conditioner into the new place, leaving me with nothing but a fan and a prayer for lack of a heat wave until Friday (moving day).
Tomorrow Tal is coming back from Bangkok with lots of stories of elephant rides and trips (yes, this is a work trip!), while I'll share with her the hassles that went into completing the mortgage and arranging for movers, phone, Internet etc. while she was having her fun...
She had better bring some damn good pictures, is all I can say ;)

Test Driven Development Workshop this Wednesday

[Google Lecture] Finding needles in a 20 TB haystack, 200 million times per day